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Admin -> Discuss "Managing Hyper-V virtual disks" (28.Jun.2011 9:00:14 AM)

Latest VirtualizationAdmin.com Article: "Iíll discuss the basic concepts behind storage management in Hyper-V." - Discuss.

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georgec -> RE: Discuss "Managing Hyper-V virtual disks" (28.Jun.2011 10:54:11 AM)

The author states 'Whenever reasonable, I highly recommend that you use dynamic disks as your storage medium of choice.'

I would like to add that it depends on the environment and if the environment is critical then I suggest never to go for dynamic disks as it is very risky!!!!!

Scott Lowe -> RE: Discuss "Managing Hyper-V virtual disks" (29.Jun.2011 11:23:36 PM)

Georgec -

I believe that line was supposed to be "dynamically expanding disks" rather than dynamic disks. My apologies for the confusion.


atc -> RE: Discuss "Managing Hyper-V virtual disks" (29.Oct.2011 1:32:01 PM)

Great article especially the pros and cons of each storage option.

I am from the networking side and need to catch up with the various storage information.

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