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georgec -> Virtualization Advantages (22.Jul.2011 12:56:32 PM)

Do you think there are more advantages to virtualization than those listed here?

         More efficient use of hardware resources
         Improved availability
         Isolation of  services (sandboxing)
         Greater capacity
         Greater portability
         Easier backup and restore

Scott Lowe -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (28.Jul.2011 12:07:23 AM)


I see pretty significant benefits in these areas, too:

Cost. When built right, a virtualized environment can be expanded with more granularity than their physical counterparts.

Flexibility. It's much easier to adjust resource allocations in a virtual environment.

New service provisioning. No longer do organizations have to wait for new servers resources to arrive before deploying a new service. Now, they can deploy in their virtual environment today.


Scott Lowe -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (31.Jul.2011 5:56:18 PM)


I think these expected benefits are one of the reasons that VMware's constantly changing licensing policies frustrate me so much. Organizations these days want stability and reasonable expectations in their IT costs. When vendors take it upon themselves to simply shift the paradigm, that introduces uncertainty and confusion into a core service.


georgec -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (30.Sep.2011 11:08:49 AM)

Hi Scott,
From past experiences, I think that vendors start with a good idea or product and the initial focus is on the functionality or the added value for customers but then when they lead the market, their focus shifts to on how to make more money out of the product!!
Thanks Scott for your interesting points.

Scott Lowe -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (3.Oct.2011 12:04:02 AM)


I agree with your points about market leaders needing to find ways to extract more money from their existing customer base, particularly in a market in which that vendor's share is staying level or declining. I believe that VMware will retain their market lead for quite some time, but it will be eroded by Microsoft with Hyper-V 3.0 when it comes out, especially as VMware continues to increase prices and change recommendations to meet revenue needs.


Sajjadahmadbwp -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (8.Feb.2012 2:01:15 PM)

Hi Scott,
           I see you are every where in forum. I am new to this forum,please tell me who are you ?

mountainman -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (9.Feb.2012 9:19:14 AM)


Virtualization Advantages

As i know that, the main advantages of virtualization are ease of administration, failover and deployment

Scott Lowe -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (12.Feb.2012 6:02:43 PM)

I'm one of the moderators and am an author here at


Luvsthesun1 -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (12.Mar.2012 7:53:23 PM)

I am so glad that I found this site for valuable information. I will be starting my vmware-training soon and will check back for updates.

bhargavpandya -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (4.Apr.2012 6:09:44 AM)

the main advantage of we can live migrate the production servers from one host to another host.

jonlamparda -> RE: Virtualization Advantages (13.Dec.2012 5:01:05 AM)

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