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Leewy -> VMWare vSphere and Virtual DNS/AD/DHCP (10.Sep.2009 11:03:34 AM)


I decide at home on my whitebox server whether installing VMWare vSphere Server as a host server with all my primary DNS, AD & DHCP as virtual servers on the vSphere Server.

As there is no dns server to resolve the vSphere Server hostname. During the initial vSphere Setup, I would not enter any dns server and hostname. IP address will be static and my XP Desktop will be used to connect to the vSphere Server to install the Client and to install the guest OS for DNS, DHCP and AD Server

Would I know it may work? Any important point to take note. Thanks for your advices

celobra -> RE: VMWare vSphere and Virtual DNS/AD/DHCP (20.Oct.2009 9:05:44 AM)

Hi Leewy,
You just to have in mind that until you have your host properly set up to name resolution (DNS) you can't use a name-based resolution to manager your virtual environment, and the HA will not working.
But your case, you still be able to manager your host through the IP address though.
You can create a VM and set up a AD specifically to your VI domain and add all your hosts to them, SAN/NAS/iSCSI including.


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