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Scott Lowe -> Vyatta virtual appliance (31.Aug.2011 11:33:50 PM)


We are looking at ways that we can implement an internal firewall for some security needs that we have. I've been looking for a reasonable, supportable virtual appliance that might fit the bill. We're using SonicWall at the edge and, in an ideal world, that company would sell a virtual version of their hardware. However, they don't.

So, we're looking at options and I've been looking at Vyatta's offerings. Have any of you looked at this company? Do you have other options you've considered?


georgec -> RE: Vyatta virtual appliance (12.Sep.2011 1:39:20 PM)

You can try an open source solution such as Endian (Community version) for free, running on a Linux VM and if you find it ok then you can purchase their virtual appliance. I ran the community version for quite some time and like the product [:)]

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