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Scott Lowe -> Network I/O improvements in vSphere 5 (31.Aug.2011 11:57:36 PM)

Here is information about a new feature in vSphere 5:

As organizations take advantage of the benefits that come from consolidating I/O, managing that I/O becomes ever more critical, particularly as latency sensitive applications become a part of the convergence. As I/O consolidation takes place, low priority applications have the potential to significantly disrupt networking protocols that are more sensitive and require higher levels of priority.

vSphere administrators can allocate I/O shares and limits based on the kind of traffic. In addition, administrators can create custom traffic types based on business needs. Under vSphere 5, Network I/O Control has the potential to manage the following kinds of traffic, in addition to user-define traffic types:

Virtual machine traffic
Management traffic
iSCSI traffic
NFS traffic
Fault-tolerant traffic
VMware vMotion traffic
User-defined traffic
vSphere replication traffic

For information about other new features, click here.

atc -> RE: Network I/O improvements in vSphere 5 (11.Dec.2011 8:29:41 PM)

Seems like VMware is also doing thing to its "Noisy and nosy neighbors" in vSphere 5.

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