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Scott Lowe -> View and PCoIP (1.Sep.2011 12:23:58 AM)

Are any of you using View and PCoIP? What have been your results? In my own testing, PCoIP still did not provide a consistent user experience, so we've been testing a solution from nComputing.

Scott Lowe -> RE: View and PCoIP (3.Oct.2011 12:16:54 AM)

Another reply to one of my own posts... has anyone does heavy testing of VMware View 5? Does it provide a better user experience than View 4?


rkulkarni001 -> RE: View and PCoIP (28.May2012 5:36:37 AM)

We have mix environment of VMview client. My experience said that our old client who runs on VMView 3.0 (RDP) are too slow againts who use VMView 5.0 client. Finaly PCoIP is reliable or consist.

kebon -> RE: View and PCoIP (1.Sep.2015 4:23:20 AM)


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