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seanofarrell -> VHD Recovery (1.Dec.2009 9:14:27 AM)

Hi , I have a customer that had no backups and ran out of space. I have a 123gb avhd file and the differencing chain is broken.

I have a utility vhd tool beta 2.0 that can merge avhd files into their parents even if the chain is broken. My avhd file has a parent identifier different to the the parent file I have.

So does anyone know how to edit a vhd's identifier?[:o]

seanofarrell -> RE: VHD Recovery (29.Jan.2010 2:44:44 PM)

I have perfected a solution which can guarantee recovery of data from a avhd file even if you havent got the parent i can get the data back.

Anyone that needs help with the solution can contact me at sean at inetdesign.ie


Julie Painting -> RE: VHD Recovery (9.Mar.2010 8:43:45 PM)

i think you just have to reformat it.

like what i did in my laptop.

JeremyNash -> RE: VHD Recovery (21.Jul.2014 11:45:22 PM)

This software repairs VHD files created using Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V swiftly without further delay or error. Besides, the tool is empowered with multiple working modes to retrieve data that has been lost due to severe damage to the VHD files.
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use free trail version.

sidsoomar -> RE: VHD Recovery (22.Aug.2014 1:20:29 AM)

For better and effective performance, try Virtual Hard drive data recovery software. It is a fail-safe solution that smoothly recovers important items including images, videos, documents, archives, audio files, spreadsheet etc from damaged or formatted Virtual partition. http://www.vhddatarecovery.net/vhd-data-recovery-software/

brianellison -> RE: VHD Recovery (18.Oct.2014 2:23:50 AM)

Just like physical hard drives, VHD files are at risk for corruption, accidental deletion, virus attacks and other causes of data loss. As such, the ability to recover VHD data try :- http://www.filesrecoverytools.com/vhd-data-recovery.html

nicholasramirez -> RE: VHD Recovery (29.Jan.2015 4:28:13 AM)

VHD Data Recovery Software which provides advanced and highly effective for quick solution to recover data from corrupt VHD. Download free version to recover lost VHD files click :- http://www.undeletepcfiles.com/vhd-data-recovery-tool.html

marmed1 -> RE: VHD Recovery (17.Feb.2015 10:00:09 AM)

VHD Repair software repair corrupt VHD files in just few steps. This software Supports VHD files created using Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 and Hyper- V server. .Get More Info and free download click here

jerkhenry190 -> RE: VHD Recovery (17.Mar.2015 6:14:58 AM)

VHD recovery scans both the FAT and NTFS file systems of virtual hard disk and removes all the error caused by corruption and it ends up the process by recovering all corrupt files.

Download the tool http://www.restorevhd.com/

johanmark25 -> RE: VHD Recovery (21.Apr.2015 2:17:03 AM)

Kernel for VHD Recovery Software is best, simple and secure software to recover every types of corrupted and deleted VHD file. Software help to recover image, documents, spreadsheets, video, audio etc. software is supported by Window 8, 7 and window server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2. Get more features and download free trial version from - http://www.vhdrecoverytool.com/

sopheea -> RE: VHD Recovery (14.Sep.2015 11:37:00 AM)

VHD recovery software recovers corrupted, damaged, inaccessible VHD data successfully. Read more and free download click here http://vhdrepair.blogspot.com

AldoRoesch -> RE: VHD Recovery (21.Dec.2015 3:25:42 AM)

I would like to suggest advance and professional VHD data recovery which is able to images, documents ,attachments, zipped etc from corrupt VHD. It is effective and easy to use application.

For more information:- http://www.mannatsoftware.com/stellar-phoenix-virtual-machine-data-recovery.html

phillcalls -> RE: VHD Recovery (5.Jan.2017 12:01:17 AM)

If we have great idea then we will easily fix any database recovery issue and here we are discussing for best Windows Data recovery Software so I would like share my own suggestion for it.

If you're looking for windows data recovery software and have no idea what should use then here I will help you and will try to satisfy you.

Windows database always connect with various file system like FAT, NTFS, etc. So its very important to get the tool which support all type of popular files system saved in fixed disk and dynamic disk type. And here I am giving a introduction of excellent windows data recovery software which supports recovery from all of them. See and have more information about this tool: Windows Data Recovery Software

casanna -> RE: VHD Recovery (21.Apr.2017 5:50:52 AM)

Microsoft provides VHD tool, a freeware utility to repair VHD file. Also, you can try a couple of manual tricks which are easy to perform and very effective.
1. You can run a script on Windows PowerShell that will help you mount the VHD file in the root folder, and then you can run a CHKDSK on it.
2. You can create a new Virtual Machine, add the corrupt Virtual disk file to it and then compact it.

For detailed information, you can refer to this blog post - Repair VHD File Manually Utmost Solutions for VHD Recovery

I hope the shared information would be helpful here.

Thanks and best regards.

shafiulislam -> RE: VHD Recovery (15.Mar.2018 4:48:12 AM)

As we know that, there is no any manual method for repairing it, Alternatively, you can fix your corrupted VHD file using any 3rd party product. We have a well known product https://www.kdrtools.com/vhd/recovery.html as well you can also download free trial version of the tool before purchasing

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