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amitsaxena_it -> Can't see Windows 7 VM which is hosted on Server (21.Jan.2010 6:29:38 AM)


I deployed new W2k3 SP2 server and installed Virtual server 2005 SP1 on this server. After this i installed 3 VMs, 2 are windows XP and one is Windows 7 VM machine.

Now if i use VMRC client to access this server from any XP machine i can see two XP VM machine but i can see windows 7 VM.

But if i use my PC which has windows 7 OS installed , i can see all three VM from VMRC client.

Can any one help me to figure out this ?


Amit Saxena

FriendyAnil -> RE: Can't see Windows 7 VM which is hosted on Server (7.May2010 4:19:08 PM)

You probably have your virtual machines configured on a private virtual network between the virtual machines and the host (typically with NAT). Other machines on your LAN can't reach your virtual machines because they're behind a NAT router (implemented in software on the host).

What you have to configure to make it work depends on how you want it to work. Basically, solutions fall into two categories:

1) You can put the virtual machines on your physical network. To do this, change their network interfaces to interfaces bridged to the physical network interface. If you have a DHCP server on your network, they will then get their IP addresses from that server (unless you statically configure them inside the vm).

2) You can use the host machine as a router to route traffic to and from the virtual machines. To do this, you need to make sure other systems on your LAN know how to reach the virtual machines and you need routing enabled on the host machine.

If your network can support it, 1 is the simplest option. Your network can support it if it's a typical network with a router that assigns IP addresses to machines on your network. The solution may be as simple as:

A) Select the virtual machine in vmware when it's not running.
B) Double click on the network adapter (under devices).
C) Under 'Network Connection', select 'Bridged' (instead of NAT or 'Host only').
D) Start the virtual machine.
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NeilMcA -> RE: Can't see Windows 7 VM which is hosted on Server (26.Oct.2011 7:27:12 AM)

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