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Delboy -> Flash Player - Youtube (6.Jun.2008 2:39:14 PM)

Dear All,

I have tried VM Ware VDI, Virtual Iron & XenServer and they all have the same problem. I have tried all thin-clients e.g. Wyse with Multi media extensions installed, HP T30**, Relisys etc. I am presuming it is to do with RDP but any suggestions welcome.

Let me expain the problem. When you try accessing something that uses Flash Player i.e. www.Youtube.com or BBC iPlayer the footage is very jerky and sound is out of sync.

Help, someone must have had this problem before and solved it!


Vera Noest -> RE: Flash Player - Youtube (6.Jun.2008 4:17:01 PM)

Applications that draw "off-screen", such as Flash web sites or games,
are not friendly to Terminal Services.  They require sending the screen as

Citrix does have some techniques to enhance Flash performance:
Secrets for Optimizing Flash Performance Part 1 and Part 2:

If you have already tested Citrix, increasing the available bandwidth is your only other option. But it will never be as good as on a client.

Delboy -> RE: Flash Player - Youtube (7.Jun.2008 2:17:33 PM)

Hi vera Noest,

Thanks for your response. You have addressed the issue with Citrix. Do you have any solutios for VM Ware or Virtual Iron?

Cheers for your help.


Vera Noest -> RE: Flash Player - Youtube (10.Jun.2008 4:46:47 PM)

No, I'm sorry, that's not really my main field of experience.
Someone else maybe?

AG4IT -> RE: Flash Player - Youtube (12.Jan.2010 9:10:30 AM)

Screen choppiness, or jerky display of Flash/Youtube video is a very common issue when using RDP. I recommend you look at Ericom Blaze, a software product that accelerates and compresses standard Microsoft RDP. Blaze accelerates RDP performance by as much as 10-25 times, and helps deliver higher frame rates and reduce screen freezes and choppiness.

You can read more about Blaze at:

Or view a video demo at:

Hope this helps.


Scott Lowe -> RE: Flash Player - Youtube (27.May2010 12:25:20 AM)


Flash performance is a known issue with VDI and is one that a lot of vendois are trying to provide solutions for. There are quite a few responses here with suggestions and here's another one. Look at Quest software's video acceleration tools.

Since your message is pretty old, have you tried PCOIP that comes with View 4? Has it had any impact on your VDI issue?


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