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learnmsexchange -> Virtual switch environmenta (24.Oct.2011 12:29:01 AM)

Our organization consists of various application environments like Dev,Staging, Production etc which require a seperate VLAN from security prespective. In this scenarion, what is the recommended way of configuring virtual switch in ESXi?

Should we create one virtual switch and connect different VLANs VM to it or multiple virtual switch for each VLAN by using port group?

Please advice. Thanks!!

Scott Lowe -> RE: Virtual switch environmenta (30.Oct.2011 10:55:43 PM)

Let me answer your question with a question... if this was a totally physical environment, how would you configure this environment?

learnmsexchange -> RE: Virtual switch environmenta (31.Oct.2011 6:59:05 AM)

Got it..Thanks!!

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