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mikeyasuma -> virtualiztion and dns (7.Mar.2010 2:17:23 AM)

I've been tasked with looking into virtualizing one of our clients. I am new to the game and have a question regarding authenticating users who will be connecting to a remote virtualized domain controller.

The site has a DSL line and sonicwall firewall with a vpn connection to our office. We plan on installing a vm server at our office to provide hosting of the virtual server. In order for DNS to work properly on the client site, is it as simple as adding the primary DNS pointing to our DSN server through the VPN link for authentication and adding their public DNS as the secondary for regualar internet functions?

Thanks in advance.

hemal9712 -> RE: virtualiztion and dns (27.May2010 2:35:19 AM)

hello guys..can you tell me about this site?
because I'm newbie here in this forum..

jamesturner125 -> RE: virtualiztion and dns (27.May2010 10:27:22 PM)

Hmm my office is also thinking of setting up a virtualization feature but I really am not familiar as to how this works

young31 -> RE: virtualiztion and dns (16.Dec.2010 5:12:44 AM)

What are the benefits we can get if we use VPN to our sites?

infant urns

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