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rohangaur -> patition inside guest VM (18.Nov.2011 3:40:52 AM)

Hello all

I want to know can we create two or more than two partition inside guest vitual machine so that we can keep data of that guest VM inside the other partition in the same Guest VM.

Rohan Gaur

System Admin

atc -> RE: patition inside guest VM (18.Nov.2011 2:53:24 PM)

Which hypervisor are you using?

For VMware if you are using network/shared storage, you can use LUN masking to only present the disk to the VM that you want to have access to.

Scott Lowe -> RE: patition inside guest VM (18.Nov.2011 6:12:32 PM)


ATC presents one option... here are a couple more:

* Once a virtual hard disk is created, there's no reason that you can't simply partition it using your native OS partitioning tools. You could create two partitions on one virtual hard disk, for example.
* You could create a second virtual hard disk and add it to the virtual machine to achieve a similar goal.


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