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jtt89 -> Does VirtualBox work (cable modem, Win7, CentOS6) (22.Nov.2011 3:43:46 AM)

I've been trying to get it to work for a while now and I cant. I have regular cable modem with ethernet cable connected to a desktop, running Win7 - host, and CentOS6 - guest installed on VB). I want to connect Win7 to Apache server on Linux and also have Internet connection on both systems. There are suppose to be 3 ways to do that:

1) Adapter 1: Host-only adapter (for connection between Win7 and Linux) + Adapter 2: NAT (For Internet connection for Linux)
2) Port forwarding (I think thats the only solution without a router, but I did not try this one yet)
3) Bridged Adapter (a lot of people recommend it and seem to use it but it does not work for me, I dont have Internet connection in Linux)

I dont have a static IP (I am not sure if this one makes a difference) or a router, but I think I still should be able to get it to work somehow. Option 1 would be better than port forwarding but I think it might be the only way to set it up...

Thank you.

Scott Lowe -> RE: Does VirtualBox work (cable modem, Win7, CentOS6) (28.Nov.2011 12:52:59 AM)

jtt89 -

It appears as if you have no router in the mix, so bridged networking will probably never work since it requires additional IP addresses beyond the one that is provided by your ISP.

I'm assuming that you just want the CentOS6 (virtual machine) system to be able to access the Internet via your Windows 7 host.

You should be able to have just a single network adapter in the CentOS virtual machine and configure that for NAT and have the whole thing work with no issues.

Where is the Apache server running?


swizzer -> RE: Does VirtualBox work (cable modem, Win7, CentOS6) (28.Nov.2011 4:02:58 AM)

Thank you for the information.

Scott Lowe -> RE: Does VirtualBox work (cable modem, Win7, CentOS6) (29.Nov.2011 11:54:28 PM)

JT -

Were you able to get your system working the way that you wanted? I did a quick diagram of bridged vs. NAT network in this blog post. It might help you figure out what you want to do. It's sort of a down and dirty diagram but shows you how things work.


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