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seoguy -> Adding HP Agents to ESXi (24.Mar.2010 4:28:43 AM)

I have a generic ESXi 3.5 on HP Proliant, and a TGZ file from HP with Management Agents, but no clue how to add the agents to the Hypervisor. I've looked everywhere, but I only find general instructions like "install it" or "use the Command Line Interface" [&:]

As I sit, the agents are in an install file on a windows machine, downloaded from HP, here. It appears that I need to move that file over to ESXi (not in a datastore, me thinks) and then execute it, but I don't how to do either of those moves.

Is there a guide somewhere for ESX noobs?

Step 1. Copy patch to ESXi - don't know how.
Step 2. Run - don't know how.
Step 3. Follow the bouncing ball, I hope.

Thanks for any help.

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