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atc -> New PCoIP (8.Dec.2011 3:24:46 PM)

Any has experience with the "new" PCoIP.  According to VMware it is suppose to bring better user experience.

Scott Lowe -> RE: New PCoIP (8.Dec.2011 11:16:48 PM)

I'd love to hear, too... I haven't had the opportunity to test it yet.

ATC - have you done much with the "old" PCoIP?


atc -> RE: New PCoIP (10.Dec.2011 12:33:49 PM)

No I have not.  Still looking at this solution.

The reason that I ask this question is I have heard a comment that Citrix has good user experience while VMware is easy for the IT to manage.

Also, seems like PCoIP did not work well for remote offices. 

Just trying to get a better feel from others who had work on this.

Scott Lowe -> RE: New PCoIP (29.Dec.2011 10:54:58 PM)


Caveat: I have not used PCoIP in View 5. That said, PCoIP is not intended to be a WAN protocol. It requires more bandwidth than other solutions, such as Citrix HDX. Citrix has always done a pretty great job in WAN scenarios and has a lot of experience in this arena.


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