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thommturner -> Exchnage 2010 Hyper v clustering (11.Jan.2012 5:41:21 PM)


I know that Microsoft now allow Exchange 2010 mailbox role to be clustered, therefore I just wanted to confirm that in the scenario of a 2 host hyper v cluster, you could have a single vm with the MBX, CAS and HUB roles installed and take advantage of the hyper v HA cluster service, negating the need for the DAG cluster. The benefit would be only a single exchange license is required.

Many thanks for any replies.

Scott Lowe -> RE: Exchnage 2010 Hyper v clustering (1.Feb.2012 1:34:08 AM)

Yes, Microsoft now supports hypervisor-based high availability mechanisms. They added this support in the middle of of last year.

That said, bear in mind that a DAG can be useful for far more than just local data center availability. With a DAG, you can better protect against database corruption and can extend availability to a DR site.

So, you might save the Exchange license, but you might lose some other opportunities.


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