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skully58 -> Lab environment (17.Feb.2012 12:04:44 PM)

We want to setup a hyper-v cluster for our students, is it possible to configure a lab or pod where a student logs into that folder/lab/pod and then has access to his or her VM's.

if so how will they access that environment through System Center Virtual Machine Manager or RDP?

Scott Lowe -> RE: Lab environment (19.Feb.2012 12:26:14 PM)


Are you able to configure remote access and logins inside each virtual machine to allow only the appropriate students access to those virtual machines?

That said, what you are looking to accomplish should be possible with VMM:


skully58 -> RE: Lab environment (20.Feb.2012 10:32:58 AM)

Scott, thanks for replying.

I haven't configured anything yet, but I just downloaded scvmm 2010 RC and it has an option to create private clouds, so I'm hoping that that in each cloud I create for the students they will have access to there 2 or 3 VM's they are using for training. Have you seen the new scvmm 2010 yet?


Scott Lowe -> RE: Lab environment (24.Feb.2012 2:08:19 AM)


Only in an early beta. I plan to get to SCVMM, but I've been focused on the new SCCM and SCOM due to other projects I have going. The new SCVMM does look very good, though. I'd love it if you might come back and let me know how it goes for you.


Scott Lowe -> RE: Lab environment (27.May2012 8:20:01 PM)

I've been playing more with VMM 2012. I think it would be a good fit in your scenario. Have you looked at it at all yet?


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