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bhargavpandya -> IP Conflict issue (10.Mar.2012 2:36:53 AM)


i am facing ip conflict issue on Hyper v host, i had checked all possiblities but still same issue is keep occuring.

4 node has been configured on the hyperV setup ,main strang thing is as post restarting it is working fine , these error is coming any of the node including virtual machine too ....

i have checked no any computer in same network with same ip address..
pls help

bhargavpandya -> RE: IP Conflict issue (19.Mar.2012 2:03:01 AM)

i got an answer with disabling of third party firwall and scanning of Vhd files as well while p2v completed the old Physical server was used with other application so it kept in production.

with using dynamic MAC Address allocation to all VMs now problem got resolve

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