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sdn -> SVMotion Plugin (12.Jun.2008 3:02:57 PM)

Great article by David on svmotion.  This is a wonderful gui tool to use to manage storage motion.  Couple of things though.  First - the "Migrate Storage..." selection is greyed out for one out of every three vm's and I've found no common element, i.e. out of date tools, same ESX host, etc.  Second, I recieve the following error when attempting to move a 500Gb vmdk to a 1.66Tb datastore with 1.64 capacity: "File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore 'datastore name'. [Datastore Path]VMDK Path/vmdkname.vmdk
Your help is greatly appreciated!  TIA

daviddavis -> RE: SVMotion Plugin (18.Jun.2008 11:52:50 AM)

Hi Sdn,

There are a numer of requirements for SVmotion and my guess would be that, somehow, some configuration of those VMs is violating those requirements. I will paste the requirements in below.

About the migration of the large volume, it sounds like the error is saying that there isn't enough space on the destination for that 1.6GB VM.

I hope that helps!

David Davis
Train Signal VMware ESX Video Author

SVMotion requirements:
Storage VMotion Requirements and Limitations
Storage VMotion is subject to the following requirements and limitations:
􀂄 Virtual machines with snapshots cannot be migrated using Storage VMotion.
􀂄 Virtual machine disks must be in persistent mode or be raw device maps.
􀂄 The host on which the virtual machine is running must have sufficient resources to
support two instances of the virtual machine running concurrently for a brief time.
􀂄 The host on which the virtual machine is running must have a VMotion license,
and be correctly configured for VMotion.
􀂄 The host on which the virtual machine is running must have access to both the
source and target datastores.
􀂄 VMware Infrastructure 3 supports a maximum of four simultaneous VMotion or
Storage VMotion accesses to a single datastore. A migration with VMotion
involves two simultaneous accesses to the datastore, by the source and destination
hosts. A migration with Storage VMotion involves one access to the source
datastore and one access to the destination datastore. Therefore, if no other
migrations are occurring, up to four concurrent Storage VMotion migrations
involving the datastore can occur simultaneously.

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