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atc -> Scripting in VMware (20.Jul.2012 3:05:50 PM)

When it comes to scripting, it is very confusing. There is vMA, there is vCLI and there is PowerCLI ....

What is the most common way to do scripting/automating in a VMware environment?

I wanted to start scripting but don't know where to start

Scott Lowe -> RE: Scripting in VMware (31.Jul.2012 11:31:34 PM)


My personal preference is PowerCLI. It's based on PowerShell, so once you learn it, you can use it for any number of scripting tasks. Pretty much everything Microsoft releases these days supports PowerCLI, so it's pretty versatile.


atc -> RE: Scripting in VMware (1.Aug.2012 12:35:27 AM)

Thanks for the pointer. :)

Scott Lowe -> RE: Scripting in VMware (30.Sep.2012 12:45:31 PM)

In programming humor, that would be a pun :-)

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