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Potato -> Hypervisor security comparison (31.Jul.2012 10:53:48 AM)

Hi, I'm implementing a project and I have a question related to that.
This project is about hypervisor security comparison. I compare XEN and KVM hypervisors. I would like to check following scenarios:

- protection against accesing unassigned resources by Virtual Machine
- protection against subversion of trusted virtual machine monitor software (hypervisor, any of virtual machines or boot process)

Unfortunately, I'm new to virtualization, and I have no idea how could I check those scenarios out. I can't figure out any test, which could help me state which hypervisor is more secure.

Do you have any ideas? Could you give me some tips, advices?
Thanks in advance.

jonlamparda -> RE: Hypervisor security comparison (13.Dec.2012 4:45:23 AM)

I am implementing a project and We've a question related to that.
This project is concerning hypervisor stability comparison. My partner and i compare XEN in addition to KVM hypervisors.More information orange county seo can help you create a more accessible website. Please Click here information available

ganxtr -> RE: Hypervisor security comparison (16.Jan.2015 12:44:28 PM)



@jonlamparda thanks for your post

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