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KeithMayer -> Best Practices for Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange (30.Aug.2012 7:47:56 PM)

In my Private Cloud talks with IT Pros, how best to virtualize Microsoft Exchange workloads, regardless of underlying hypervisor, has been a recurring hot topic area of discussion. At Microsoft Tech Ed 2012, Jeff Mealiffe, Senior Program Manager on the Exchange team and responsible for Exchange virtualization guidance, delivered a great session on "Best Practices for Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010". This is a great resource to study when planning virtualized Exchange deployments! Although the session was specific to Exchange 2010, much of the overall guidance can be applied to Exchange 2013 as well. In my blog post linked below, I've included the following items to help you get started with virtualizing Exchange:

•The recorded session video
•A link to the downloadable slide deck
•An indexed recap of my session notes
•Links to additional tools and resources that I've personally found helpful

I'm definitely looking forward to building my next virtualized deployment of Exchange 2010 on Windows Server 2012 RTM when it releases on Sept 4th! The increased VM resource densities in Hyper-V v3 of up to 64 virtual processors and 1TB RAM per virtual machine will be a big boost to virtualizing mission critical heavy-duty workloads like Exchange mailbox server roles and multi-role servers.

Get the details on how best to virtualize Exchange workloads here:


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Scott Lowe -> RE: Best Practices for Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange (29.Sep.2012 10:32:31 PM)


Have you built out your Exchange 2010 environment yet on Hyper-V 2012? I've done quite a lot with Exchange 2007 on vSphere and may be doing a pretty significant Exchange 2010 project on vSphere, but haven't had the opportunity to do an Exchange/Hyper-V deployment yet.


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