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atc -> Management tools for KVM (10.Sep.2012 2:48:13 PM)

Does anyone has any commendation on which management tool is good to use for KVM.

I found this link but not sure what to try out..

Thanks for the information,

Scott Lowe -> RE: Management tools for KVM (30.Sep.2012 1:42:01 PM)

Are you looking at moving to KVM?


atc -> RE: Management tools for KVM (30.Sep.2012 11:44:08 PM)

Not in the production environment.

Wonder how many KVM systems are in use in the production environment.

Scott Lowe -> RE: Management tools for KVM (1.Oct.2012 2:03:20 PM)

Good question. When I was at VMworld, there was a company there showing the KVM appliances that they had built and were selling at what seemed to be an impressive pace, so it appears as if there is a production market for it.

I've been starting to focus a lot on Hyper-V 2012 myself.


atc -> RE: Management tools for KVM (1.Oct.2012 2:19:45 PM)

I started with VMware and is now looking at Windows Sever 2012 also.

Hyper-3 seems to have caught up a lot with VMware. I think Microsoft this time had done a good job with Win Server 2012.

I have not play with it but the Hyper-V replica feature seems to be a good and powerful feature. On paper it seems to be better than VMware's FT implementation.

Thanks for your contribution to the IT community. This website ( has been a great help to me.

jonlamparda -> RE: Management tools for KVM (13.Dec.2012 4:41:20 AM)

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