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jackstack -> Citrix / Msft Groove / Vista Services Needed (7.Jun.2010 8:32:25 PM)

Yes, I'm not kidding. I spent the whole day talking to people trying to sell me things I don't need. Not fun! LOL!

Here is exactly what I need:
Here is the stack: Windows Server, Terminal Services, TCals, Citrix Server, to Citrix Client
10 Clients - growing to 25 or more
A SLA of 99% uptime.
A secure facility / data center.
Nightly backup of the entire stack.

A single Groove session has to be served to all of the clients (we want them to see the same thing but that's not critical).

I want this as a package on a per-user basis or total MBs loaded.

Company requirements: Must be established for five years, must have 50 or more employees.

I can login and manage TCals, and deploy Groove application.

Things I don't want:

You to sell me a hosted Windows server, CPUs, and for you to sell Separate Services.

I'm looking for Turnkey - install the apps to be shared and rock and roll.

Don't respond if you don't have a package like this. I'm not interested in mix and match!!!

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