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naushy123 -> Final Year project(Virtualisation) (14.Oct.2014 6:27:45 PM)

Hi people, I'm currently in my final year of computer networks and security course, I want to base my final year project around virtualization, I have some ideas but their are not feasible as i do not have resources, My aim is to implement a virtualization solution to a MOCK small/medium size business. i don't have much equipment apart from a core 2 duo laptop with 4 gb ram, I could possibly buy one if really needed.

any ideas or suggestions would be really appreicated

Admin -> RE: Final Year project(Virtualisation) (15.Oct.2014 4:58:50 AM)

Try looking into Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services solutions. So your project will be about cloud solutions as well. I think you can get a very good discount and loads of free resources from Microsoft once you prove to them that you are a student.
Also GitHub is offering a free student pack which is pretty cool as you get free credit from Digital Ocean and other hosting providers.

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