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naslicer -> Ncomputing installation procedure (10.Dec.2014 10:31:35 AM)

recently i had a problem with the host server and after trying everything i failed to restore it, am planning to fresh install however i have just taken over some one who worked on it. i don't have the license for the v-space. well, i can download the v-space but without the license i will have issues, can i use vmware workstation? at-least i have a license for it. secondly if all goes that i cannot use any other VM software, can anyone help me with the installation procedure? or how i can restore the existing VM on the server am planning to re install.

-Model: Ncomputing L300 (20 client)
-host Os:windows 2008 R2 (however am still debating to install windows 7 professional. )
please ask for any info that may help to understand my queries.

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