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JustinC71 -> VCAP Exam series? (29.Jun.2010 4:08:00 PM)

Hey all,
Is anyone actively studying for (or already taken a beta) either of the VCAP series exams?  I read that they are 100% lab based and more difficult than the VCP series.  Just looking for other people's thoughts and how others are studying. 

I hope to sit the exam not long after it's released...   *crosses fingers*  [:)]

Scott Lowe -> RE: VCAP Exam series? (1.Jul.2010 2:10:06 AM)


A friend of mine has taken a beta version of the VCAP exam.  He's a VMware guru and found the VCAP examination to be extremely challenging but fair.  Make sure you know a whole lot about the new features in vSphere as they're covered in depth on the exam.  He indicated that this exam is much, much more challenging than the VCP exam and also said that VMware's exam blueprint is a very good guide.

If you decide to go for it, can you report back so we can hear about your experience?


`ariel -> RE: VCAP Exam series? (1.Jul.2010 11:30:21 AM)

 Sorry for change the direction of the OP, but i have to ask... Justin are you already a VCP ? i`m planning to change path and start studying for the VCP and of course after that look into the VCAP series..

any advice about the VCP ?

JustinC71 -> RE: VCAP Exam series? (2.Jul.2010 2:29:45 PM)

Scott, stop scaring me [;)]

I've heard about the same all around, that it's a very challenging exam and you have to know your stuff.   I know the material well, but I'd like to dedicate a couple servers in our lab and go through the exam blueprint carefully before taking it.  If I get my butt in gear and take the exam, I'll post back about how it went.

Ariel, yes I'm already a VCP.  I'd say that it's very important to have some hands-on experience before taking the VCP exam.  The required class is very good, maybe even great depending on the instructor.  Also, like Scott mentioned, go over the exam blueprint and read up on anything in it that you aren't familiar with.  Good luck!

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