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tomd@10zig.com -> Tera1 Teradici PCoIP Zero Client Buyback Program (7.May2015 4:43:31 AM)

I thought this may be of interest to virtualisedadmin users...

10ZiG - Providing a Lifeline for Tera1 PCoIP Zero Clients

10ZiG is now offering Buyback incentives to all Teradici-based Tera1 users (regardless of brand) following the news that Tera1 will no longer be certified VMware Ready nor fully supported in future releases of VMware Horizon after 5.3.

All companies who purchased from ANY Teradici OEM vendor are eligible. This includes but is not limited to the Wyse P20, EVGA PD05, & Samsung AIO’s all having the Tera1 chipset. Learn more >

Find out much your TERA1 devices are worth here > http://bit.ly/10ZiGBuyback

Don't Get Left Behind on 5.3
10ZiG Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients deliver:

• Up to 5x the performance of Tera1
• Enhanced security (Stronger AES256-bit encryption)
• Greater monitor resolution (2560x1600), faster USB 2.0 support
• Quad Monitor and Voice UC/Softphones support
• Internal smart card reader (CAC) and fiber connectivity options

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