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marlol -> Citrix Xenapp Installation Requirements for NEWBIE (16.Jul.2015 7:56:21 AM)

Hi, I have been assigned the task of setting Xenapp 7.6 to host 2 applications. I have never used Citrix before and can't seem to find specifics on exactly what I will need as far as servers go. I would like to simplify considering there will be only 2 apps hosted and for right now only 10 users. Do I need a separate SQL server? A separate license server?

From what I read, I think I need 5 VM's (1) license server (2) SQL server (3) Storefront & Director (4) Delivery Controller & Studio (5) 2nd Delivery Controller?

Can someone help with me the architecture? How many VM's required and what should be installed on each VM?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!

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