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jnianshigo -> A closer look at the controversial prom dress styles (27.Aug.2015 1:55:04 AM)


Girls in Shelton say it’s too late and too expensive to replace their dresses now. News 8 has your back with a closer look at some of the styles that are causing big problems.

These styles include the dresses that expose girl’s backs and sides. The issue surrounding these types of prom dresses at Shelton High School is now getting national attention.

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Asiye Kay of Asiye’s Boutique in Madison joined News 8’s Brian Spyros to give us another perspective on the prom dress controversy. She says what we are seeing in Shelton is the style that was defined by celebrities who wore similar cuts and styles on recent red carpet appearances.

Kay encourages parents to go with their daughters when they go prom dress shopping, not just to help pick the right formal prom dresses, but also to share and have guidance on that special experience.

Kay adds that schools need to let students know their dress code policies a lot earlier than Shelton did because there is more that goes into the prom that just one dress, like matching hair, makeup and accessories.

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