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in0v8r -> Network Design Questions (22.Jul.2008 5:28:47 PM)

I am designing a network for a small business, actually two small businesses under the same roof. My goal is to have two domains, for sake of discussion and My experience with virtualization is somewhat minimal, but I am confident that I can accomplish my goal with your help. I would like to set up one box that contains a client, dhcp server, dns server, and a domain controller in which I can remote into and administer the network(s). More specifically, I would like to have one machine that contains both and, as separate domains. There is one user that will be accessing, and two users accessing in addition to myself administering both. I have an inspiron box with a Q6600 inside and soon to be 4GB of 1066 ram.

As you can see, I need the inspiron box to contain a virtual domain controller, a virtual dhcp server, a virtual dns server, and a client. First off, tell me if this is even possible, if so, I would like to know if I could make the box look like it's just a client that logs in to Finally, I would be able to log into either or through RDP, or the like, and administer each domain.

What software do I need?
What should the base OS be on the inspiron box? Linux?
How do I make it look and act like it's just a client?

Thanks in advance.

I know this is probably overkill for what I need done, considering I have less than 10 users total, but I am very interested in virtualization and the experience would definately make a resume stand out. 

`ariel -> RE: Network Design Questions (4.Aug.2008 3:09:07 PM)

I`m a little confused here you are talking about VMware products or about 2 Domains (Microsoft Terminology) ?
If you need 2 Windows Domain you'll need 2 domain controllers, that's gonna be 2 VM running Windows 2003 or 2008 if you like it, each of this 2k3 server can have DNS and DHCP on it and you can RDP into them.

psuedo -> RE: Network Design Questions (21.Sep.2008 10:51:49 PM)

Just out of curiosity, what sort of IT infrastructure do the 10 users have a the moment?

Do you run a SAN or NAS storage? Would you be looking at keeping all your VM's on local HDD?

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