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The era of virtualisation is now fully upon the technology industry. For businesses to thrive, adapting to the changing needs of their customers is paramount. For businesses to win, they must deliver the right solutions at the right time, and offer propositions that are more attractive to their customers than a competing solution. One word describes the nature of this kind of business environment: dynamic. The ability of business and the people that constitute it is not just to survive, but thrive in the face of these dynamic demands; and that is a direct function of the capability and fitness of the infrastructure of business systems that underpin and support their work. Business Technology Summit 2008, held 22-26 September 2008 in Mumbai and Bangalore, offers a program, replete with technical and business insights that guarantee you the keys to a flexible and dynamic IT.

The Virtualisation track at BT Summit 2008 covers Storage Virtualisation, Server Virtualisation, Desktop Virtualisation, File Virtualisation, Operating System Virtualisation, Application Virtualisation, Hosted Virtualisation, Para-virtualisation, Windows Virtualisation, Hardware-level Virtualisation, Virtualisation Hardware Support, Virtualisation Blue Prints, Virtual Machines Life Cycle Management, Interoperability for Virtualisation, Virtualisation: State of the Union, Debunking Virtualisation Challenges, Utility Computing and Virtualisation Roadmap.

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