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flops -> Virtualization project: automated vm-installation (29.Nov.2015 3:45:37 AM)

Hello virtualizationforum!
I am new here! I hope to find what i need, and also hope to give back to his community.

So: Me and my friend have plans to setup some service where people test their program on a vm for max 5 min, and after that the vm will be removed and a new one will be created. We have no idea what software to use, but we'd prefer to use linux, as i have quite a lot of experience with it.

So this is what we want:
Users will have to upload their program to a website, the program will be executed, and after max 5 minutes the vm needs to be replaced.

The service will be hosted on a dedicated server. If there is anyone who can help, that would be great. We can pay for it, if that is required, because it needs to work flawless. If we get this to work, i will write a tutorial and share it here, so people can learn from this.

Thanks in advance,

ps. if this is the wrong place to post this thread, i'm sorry!

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