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mdriscoll -> Storage VMotion (2.Jun.2008 5:44:01 PM)

In David Davis' article "Overview of VMware ESX / VMware Infrastructure Advanced Feature," he says that using Storage VMotion "you could move a VM guest from one ESX server's local storage to another ESX server's local storage with no downtime for the end users of that VM guest." I wasn't familiar with Storage VMotion so I started looking around VMware's website for more information about it. Based on what I've read there it seems like Storage VMotion is for moving a running VM between datastores connected to a particular host. Nothing that I read indicated to me that you could use it to move a running VM from the local storage on one ESX host to the local storage on another ESX host. Obviously I've never actually tried this so I was just wondering if someone could clarify this for me.

mkguy -> RE: Storage VMotion (3.Jun.2008 3:17:54 AM)

I did not use StorageVMotion for myself yet. but according to this what's new and what's different guide, it is used to move a VM's files from one datastore to another datastore within the same ESX server host with no downtime.

When you use ordinary VMotion between 2 ESX servers, it is, as far as I know from ESX 3.0.x, not possible to change the datastore on the target host, since it just grabs the files on the existing shared VMFS volume. I guess this still applies to ESXi/3.5, but I'm not that sure about that.

Check out the Storage VMotion chapter here:'s_New_and_Different_in_Vi3-5.pdf

Also check out the ESX admin guide on page 245, which states similar implications for the use of storage VMotion:,

daviddavis -> RE: Storage VMotion (3.Jun.2008 3:16:21 PM)

Thanks to you both for visiting the new website and for reading my article on VMware ESX Advanced features.

You both made some excellent points!

I have corrected the article to clarify & correct the example I provided on SVMotion.

An ESX Servers's local storage is called a datastore. SVMotion can more a running VM from datastore to datastore. However, there is a caveat. The source and destination must both be readable/writeable by the source of the VM. As, the local datastore on another ESX Server would not be readable/writeable by the source ESX server, then you would not be able to move a VM from the local datastore on one ESX Server to another.

However, you would be able to move a running VM from the local datastore on an ESX Server to a shared SAN datastore. Then, if you chose to, you could move that VM from the shared SAN to the local datastore on that server.

I hope that helps.

Thank you,

mdriscoll -> RE: Storage VMotion (3.Jun.2008 3:45:35 PM)

That does clarify the situation. Thanks.

abhishek124 -> RE: Storage VMotion (28.Jun.2008 11:02:42 AM)

Storage VMotion is for moving a running VM between datastores connected to a particular host.

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