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Noghri_ViR -> Is VMworld 2010 worth it? (25.Aug.2010 12:41:15 PM)

So I'm looking at going to VMworld 2010 and the feedback I got from a coworker was that he didn't like VMworld in 2009. He said that he didn't like that you needed to pre-register for the sessions (which I heard they fixed for this year) and he didn't like the way the labs were set up where you had to share with people.

I think our learning styles are a little different so I wanted to ask here, has anyone here been and if so what did you think of it? Was it valuable enough for you to go back to? Is there a better alternative out there?

Scott Lowe -> RE: Is VMworld 2010 worth it? (30.Aug.2010 3:19:30 AM)

This is my first time attending VMworld, so I have no background other than what I've experienced so far and what I've experienced at other conferences.

VMworld is HUGE. Something like 13,000 people. The education sessions are just the tip of the iceberg. At all of these kinds of events, I meet so many people with whom I build relationships that can often be more helpful than some of the conference content itself.

Obviously, if the conference is terrible, there's no point in attending, but this one is huge.

After I get done with VMworld, I'll report back with my thoughts on whether or not I plan to attend VMworld 2011.


Scott Lowe -> RE: Is VMworld 2010 worth it? (1.Sep.2010 4:56:05 AM)

If you're able to attend in 2011, VMworld is absolutely worth the investment. The sessions are in depth and provided by true experts, the energy is through the roof, the networking opportunities are incredible and there are vendors in attendance providing solutions for, well, everything.

I will definitely be attending again in 2011.


`ariel -> RE: Is VMworld 2010 worth it? (2.Sep.2010 10:28:23 AM)

 I'm starting to plan that trip!!!! i just missed this year because there were other plans but that have changed and i`m looking forward to go to VMware the next year..

Scott Lowe -> RE: Is VMworld 2010 worth it? (3.Sep.2010 9:37:35 PM)

Ariel -

I'm definitely doing the 2011 VMworld as well. We should get together.


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