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2cuteComfy -> How to Deal with Jerky and Choppy YouTube Videos (28.Jul.2016 10:45:40 AM)

Someone will ask "Why is my youtube lagging". If you are in a slower or unstable internet connection, you have to face the YouTube videos lagging problem or video ends early when surfing on YouTube. Here lists some tricks of how to fix YouTube lag and make you watch youtube videos without buffering.

1. A low internet speed may cause YouTube Videos choppy. Make sure you have a broadband connection with at least 500 Kbps for the best viewing experience. You need to change to a quicker Internet connection if it's below that value.
2. Update Adobe Flash to the latest version.
3. Clear your browser's cache.
4. YouTube will automatically select a video quality for you according to your network speed. You can lower the video quality if it resolve YouTube videos buffering
5. Pause the choppy YouTube videos and wait until videos have buffered completely before playing.
6. Try another web browser to see if YouTube videos stuttering problems are missing.
7. Use public DNS servers like OpenDNS or Google Public DNS to fix youtube buffering
8. Some media players support YouTube network streaming, such as VLC, SMPlayer, PotPlayer, etc. Copy and paste the URLs of laggy YouTube videos, then play them.
9. Contact your local Internet Service Providers for help since some ISPs may control the bandwidth and download speeds of connections.

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