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`ariel -> VMware vSphere Training (22.Sep.2010 12:29:29 PM)

 What do you think about it?

VMware vSphere Training

I`m using it before the official course just to be more familiar with vSphere.
what else can help me?

Scott Lowe -> RE: VMware vSphere Training (23.Sep.2010 1:09:28 AM)

Ariel -

Disclaimer: I know David Davis and do contract work with Train Signal, so I'm not completely unbiased.

That said, the company produces top notch courses and has a great approach to teaching and learning.

Do you have a home lab you can play with, too?


`ariel -> RE: VMware vSphere Training (23.Sep.2010 11:06:30 AM)

 Right now i have a WORK Lab, is a PE2950 with 16G of RAM. Its running ESXi and inside i have 3 ESXi and vCenter + StorCenter ix4-200d.

At home i used to have a lab too, but is shutdown atm.

I'm working on getting the official course before December so i can take VCP410 exam, the VCP cert its gonna be my Xmas gift.

Scott Lowe -> RE: VMware vSphere Training (25.Sep.2010 1:46:57 AM)

Ariel -

I'm thinking about buying the ix4-200d for my own home lab. How do you like it?


`ariel -> RE: VMware vSphere Training (25.Sep.2010 3:29:44 PM)

 Awesome!!! at work i was planning to build a OpenFiler as a VM for the LAB but my boss told me that we can order one of this toys! I love the iSCSI from this box, we are using it with CA ARcserv as staging disk and a 500GB iSCSI disk for a test MS SQL Cluster and work perfect!

Now i want one of this for home, the noise from that little box is almost 0. I gonna buy the ix2-200... 

Scott Lowe -> RE: VMware vSphere Training (12.Oct.2010 12:23:44 AM)


I got the ix4-200d for home last week. Nice little box! Thanks for the recommendation.


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