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feriha -> OST to Office 365 migration wizard (4.Jan.2018 6:25:44 AM)

There is a lot of confusion regarding the OST file of Outlook and how to use it in the O365 cloud. It is easier to just import PST for which an Import/Export Wizard is provided but difficult to move offline cache. It can be done manually but then it has to be converted to PST first. It will take more time and possibly change data. It is better to use the OST to Office 365 migration wizard which is very simple to use. It has all the functionality of repair, recover, export and report. It is highly recommended by many data recovery agents. It must be the first choice for a business upgrading to Microsoft cloud services.

markmohan -> RE: OST to Office 365 migration wizard (23.Mar.2018 4:34:04 AM)

To import PST or OST file to Office 365, you can also try Kernel Import PST to Office 365 software. The software can help to migrate healthy PST or OST to Office 365 & Exchange without facing any issues. The software also provides an option to generate log report after the PST import process. For more information, visit: https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/import-pst-to-office-365/

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