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brian.fraser -> P to V licence activation issues (4.Nov.2010 8:00:08 AM)


I have recently been testing the sysinternal disk2vhd tool.
It seems to work a treat.

The problem i have faced is activating the newly created VM with an appropriate licence key.

I have logged a case with microsoft to ask if it was simply a case of purchasing a new key. They replied that it is a technical issue and i should raise a case.

One point to note is the Physical machine used and OEM key.

Has anyone had any joy activating VM's after a P to V migration?

Scott Lowe -> RE: P to V licence activation issues (4.Nov.2010 9:04:19 PM)

Brian -

If you're doing a P2V from a physical machine with a Windows OEM license, you'll need to purchase a new Windows license to use with the virtual machine as per Microsoft licensing guidelines.

In the interim, if you can locate your original product key -- it should be on a sticker affixed to the server -- you might be able to get the newly created virtual machine going, but you won't be compliant with MS licensing.

Caveat: If you're going to run the new VM on a Hyper-V server host that is running Windows Enterprise or Windows Data Center, you can also use the product key from the host server's copy of Windows to activate the new VM. Windows Server Enterprise allows up to 4 VMs to run under the host license and Data Center allows you to run and unlimited number of VMs under the host license.

Best of luck!


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