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ryanrock -> ESXi iSCSI (29.Oct.2008 11:23:45 AM)

Is there a way of connecting an iScsi SAN to ESXi server?  I've looked across the Net and found conflicting information.

albertwt -> RE: ESXi iSCSI (12.Apr.2009 12:40:47 AM)

Hi Ryan,

May i know what sort of conflict do you mean ?

Scott Lowe -> RE: ESXi iSCSI (4.Jun.2010 6:37:09 AM)


What version of ESXi are you running?


Scott Lowe -> RE: ESXi iSCSI (24.Jul.2010 4:54:20 PM)


VMware ESX/ESXi has supported iSCSI SANs for quite some time and that support has gotten steadily better over time. I've been running an iSCSI SAN (EMC AX4) for quite some time using both ESX 3.5 and vSphere 4.0 hosts and the storage connectivity has never been an issue.

If you're able to do so, we'd love to have you report back and tell us if you were able to get your iSCSI SAN up and running with ESX.


Scott Lowe -> RE: ESXi iSCSI (31.Dec.2010 10:54:15 PM)


Were you ever able to find the information you needed? Did you get your ESXi system talking to iSCSI storage?


mountainman -> RE: ESXi iSCSI (22.Feb.2012 6:47:22 AM)

Hi ryan,

what type of conflict you are getting?

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