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macdip -> Guest OS Win 7 output to HDTV (27.Dec.2010 6:37:01 PM)


Hope every one has good Holidays!

I am planning to purchase HP i-7 870 with 8GB ram and 1 gb Video card. I have ESXi 4 license. Can I start Win 7 guest OS and give its HDMI output to HDTV? So I can watch Netflix/you tube etc from that Guest and other Guest for my development purpose. So I donít have to buy blu ray or another laptop or desktop to connect to my HDTV.


Scott Lowe -> RE: Guest OS Win 7 output to HDTV (28.Dec.2010 8:03:45 PM)


Although I don't have a way to test this, I seriously doubt that it would work if you could even get ESXi to properly run on the hardware you identified. ESXi is pretty strict when it comes to hardware selection.

If you can get ESXi to run, you MIGHT get output working through some kind of remote connection to the Win 7 virtual desktop (RDP?), but unless you add software to enhance the video aspect, it will probably look pretty bad.

If you try it and get it to work, let us know!


Scott Lowe -> RE: Guest OS Win 7 output to HDTV (31.Dec.2010 9:07:57 AM)


It looks like some other folks are trying this, too...

It's an intersting technical challenge and would be pretty cool if you could get it up and running in a way that makes sense.


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