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pepoluan -> Tip: Paravirtualization for Ubuntu (22.Jan.2011 1:22:59 AM)

If you run Ubuntu Server atop XenServer 5.6 (or newer), Bill van Geert over at the Citrix Forums posted a method on how to run Ubuntu Server in Paravirtualization mode.

Check it out:


The only 'gotcha' would be his Step #12; to properly install XenServer Tools for Linux guest, follow these steps given in http://www.bishopbarrington.net/wiki/howto/lucidonxenserver#xenserver_tools_installation with the following changes:
  1. Swap steps 1 & 2 (boot VM and login before mounting the CD)
  2. Adapt the name of the .deb file in step 4
  3. Swap steps 5 & 6 (fix service before rebooting VM)
Note: follow the steps of **ONLY** the "XenServer Tools installation" section! No need for makepv.sh

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