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muta -> Java App. is given me grief (16.Jan.2009 5:53:18 AM)

We have implemented VDI, but one of our core system is serve using java and all the staff that has two monitors compaint of slowness with this java App.  Now they are blaming VDI. Have any had the same issue?

AG4IT -> RE: Java App. is given me grief (13.Jan.2010 3:37:34 PM)

If you connect to the virtual desktops remotely (not on the LAN) and the Java app displays graphical information, then Ericom Blaze may be able to solve your performance problem.

Ericom Blaze is a software-based RDP acceleration AND compression product that provides a superior end-user experience over WAN and congested LANs. Besides delivering higher frame rates and reducing screen freezes and choppiness, Ericom Blaze accelerates RDP performance by up to 10-25 times, while significantly reducing network bandwidth consumption over low-bandwidth/high latency connections.

Ericom Blaze works with any standard RDP host, including VDI, Terminal Servers and remote physical machines.

You can read more about Blaze at:

Or view a video demo at:

Ericom Software

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