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Scott Lowe -> What's included in Hyper-V Integration Services? (31.Jan.2011 10:51:57 PM)

Both VMware and Hyper-V require the use of add-ins - VMware Tools and Hyper-V Integration Services, respectively - in order to attain full capability inside the virtual machine. In addition, these add-ins provide enhanced performance through specialized drivers.

For Hyper-V Integration Services, here are the services that are included - and that can be individually disabled:

  • Operating system shutdown. Allows the host to shut down the operating system rather than simply powering off the VM. This is a clean shutdown method.
  • Time synchronization. Enabled time synchronization between the guest and the host.
  • Data Exchange. Enables some advanced exchange of data between the host and the virtual machine.
  • Heartbeat. Allows the host to detect a situation in which a virtual machine has locked up or otherwise become unavailable.
  • Backup (volume snapshot). Enables VSS-based backups of the virtual machine.

You can disable any or all of these services on a per-VM basis by opening the virtual machine properties and browsing to the Integration Services option.

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