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marius_1956 -> Rightsizing an ESXi server (27.Jan.2009 3:39:24 PM)

I need to implement a VMware ESXi (free) server to host some servers.
Where can I locate documents to help me rightsize the ESXi server?

LindaAllen80 -> RE: Rightsizing an ESXi server (28.Jan.2010 6:10:15 AM)

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`ariel -> RE: Rightsizing an ESXi server (4.Mar.2010 10:46:41 PM)

 Well, it depends on the amount of machines that are you planning to host on that ESXi box. The real problem is find the correct parts!


plus2plus -> RE: Rightsizing an ESXi server (28.Apr.2010 12:28:20 AM)

VMWare ESXI is free

Try the below URL: https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/index.php?p=free-esxi-go&lp=1

Scott Lowe -> RE: Rightsizing an ESXi server (25.Jul.2010 5:40:15 PM)

Marius -

Were you able to get your ESXi server(s) implemented in a way that worked for you? If so, we'd love to have you report back and tell us how it all went!


mountainman -> RE: Rightsizing an ESXi server (12.Jan.2012 2:14:39 PM)

Compared to flashing a BIOS, Updating a ESXi can be fast and easy - it's such a small footprint, just download the newest version and replace the current one. 

mountainman -> RE: Rightsizing an ESXi server (9.Feb.2012 7:51:59 AM)

These servers really help on to reduce the need of to install and manage third party management agents. We can automate routine tasks by leveraging remote command line scripting environments such as vCLI

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