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anusca -> Regarding Citrix profiler 5.2 (2.May2011 7:01:45 AM)

Hi All,

I have been working on citrix profiler 5.2 as part of application packaging.It is observed that during the installation of certain applications using this server,erro code 1935 comes up saying an assembly component missing.I had tried the same on profiler 6 and it works with no errors.I tried reinstalling the MSXML 4.0(SP2) and .Net Frameworks(1,1.1,2,3) considering it would be an erro with one of these.Could someone please provide me a soultion to this

NoahRyan -> RE: Regarding Citrix profiler 5.2 (20.Jun.2011 4:24:31 AM)

Hitachi external hard drive? Does someone know why on the backup option window (two options are Local Backup and Cloud Backup) i cannot enable the local backup????? the green button always turns off (red-disabled) while the cloud backup can be turned off and on with no problem. Thanks

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