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rwhite909 -> ISCSI & VHD ? (9.May2011 10:47:32 AM)

We have an Equal logic SAN and are playing around with Hyper-V. Which of the following setups is the correct way to configure a LUN for the virtual machine?

Setup the LUN & ISCSI connection on the host operating system. Then create a VHD and connect it to the virtual machine.


Setup the LUN & ISCSI connection on the guest operating system.


Scott Lowe -> RE: ISCSI & VHD ? (23.May2011 12:51:07 AM)

Create the LUN and connect to it at the Hyper-V host level, not from within an individual virtual machine. Then, simply use that iSCSI LUN as a typical storage area for new virtual machines, just like you would if it was direct-attached storage.


Scott Lowe -> RE: ISCSI & VHD ? (23.May2011 12:52:24 AM)

By the way, congrats on the EqualLogic SAN purchase! I had one of their devices (before they were bought by Dell) at an old job and they're fantastic! Extremely easy to use and at the time support was incredible. You'll be in good hands.


Scott Lowe -> RE: ISCSI & VHD ? (28.Oct.2011 12:05:24 AM)

Were you able to get your EqualLogic SAN up and running? What do you think of it?


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