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rohangaur -> Redhat EE 9.0 (18.May2011 3:04:52 AM)

Hello everybody

I have installed the Hyper-V and created two virtual machine (Ubantu 10.10)on it. and then our users try to telnet it.only two and three sessions are established then it hangs delete and backspace key doesnt work. could somebody tell me how to make it work.

and when I try to do samething on the Redhat EE 9.0 then I face the integration problem network adapter doesnt show up.

It is a university where our student try to telnet to any Linux server and then they do the Unix programming.

Kindly help

Rohan Gaur
System Administrator

Scott Lowe -> RE: Redhat EE 9.0 (23.May2011 12:45:22 AM)


Can you provide the specs for the virtual machine you've created to support Ubuntu and Red Hat?

Also, what version of Hyper-V are you running? Are you running it on Windows Server 2008 with SP1?


rohangaur -> RE: Redhat EE 9.0 (28.May2011 3:28:32 AM)

Thanks for replying Scott.

We have installed Windows Server 2008 R2 and it is not SP1, hyper v integrated with it. I am sorry I could understand the meaning of SPECS in your post. please specify.

Scott Lowe -> RE: Redhat EE 9.0 (28.May2011 9:36:14 PM)

Sorry about that! Specs = specifications - the amount of RAM, CPU and disk you've got in each machine.


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