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Scott Lowe -> PHDVirtual VSAN and ESXi 4.1 (30.May2011 6:41:49 PM)

Quite a while back, PHDVirtual released a free product that allows you to use extra space on your ESX servers as a shared storage medium. From the product page:


Virtual SAN appliance for VMware ESX 3 Server provides the benefits of shared VMFS storage without the cost of a SAN. Utilizing otherwise unused local storage in the ESX server, Virtual SAN facilitates enterprise-level features such as vMotion, DRS and HA. All volume data is synchronously replicated between hosts, providing full failover capability with data integrity in the event of host, disk or appliance failure. The Virtual SAN appliance was designed to be as easy to configure as possible and full documentation is available to assist you with implementing this solution for VMware storage virtualization.

There was some question about compatibility with this product and vSphere 4.1. According to the PHDVirtual forums, VSAN does work under ESXi 4.1.

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