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mcintoshs -> Duplicate MAC Addresses (27.May2009 1:29:03 PM)

Experiencing random intermittent packet loss on Server08 SP1 with Hyper-V host management interface and occasionally a user connecting to a VM complains their connection is dropped. I read the Robert Larson article on MAC address duplication (and I believe that may be the problem However, there are 8 such host servers already deployed. How do I fix what is already deployed---step-by-step. Can I email you a spreadsheet showing the MAC addresses and NIC settings to get a better idea of what's involved?

kathiny -> RE: Duplicate MAC Addresses (18.Oct.2011 2:41:51 AM)

Most likely, the first host to be issued an IP would work and the other
wouldn't. Many IP stacks validate an IP issued to them by a DHCP server
by pinging they address. If there's an answer, they don't use the
address. Many DHCP servers can be configured to do the same thing
before issuing an address to a client.

I'm curious, do you have some requirement for hosts to use the same MAC?
Or did you just find yourself with two NICs with the same MAC? In the
latter case, most modern NICs allow you to change the MAC.

bhargavpandya -> RE: Duplicate MAC Addresses (20.Mar.2012 6:33:01 AM)


In this case, you can first Clear The ARP Cache from host using arp -d command and all Virtul machine on which are impacted and having said issue.

just access Hyper V manager and go to setting and find out the NIC card and select the Dynamic MAC address assignment in place of Static.

Just observed the same thing, it might resovle your problem.

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